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Daniel Mackenbrock

As a successful entrepreneur, you do your job driven by passion; you look beyond your own backyard to inspire new clients and help them move on through your innovations.

I am fully convinced that every human being is carrying a distinctiveness in himself that is worth a business idea. When I believe that the path to become entrepreneur does not have to be an expensive and complicated one. To me it is a journey where you will find fulfilling every minute you spend on the project.

As a trainer and coach, I guide you in the process becoming an entrepreneur. Profoundly. Personally. And with a healthy dose of humor.

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My roots go back to a German city called Paderborn. I am proud and happy to be born there. A strong catholic church, punk as the countermovement and their mutual acceptance characterize this city. It is a city where extremes and disparities are welcome.

When I do not work as a trainer, I am amateur photographer, backpacker and lateral thinker. I enjoy after-work pints in the sun, cozy evenings with good music in the dark, cycling, to swim in public pools at night, hiking in forests, to go crazy in the living room together with my girlfriend, pillow fights, to philosophize together with friends and poetry.

What others like about me: enthusiasm, humor, flexibility, authenticity, attentiveness and courage. What I do not like about myself: The tendency to brood over something and the negative characteristics of self-doubt.

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Qualified Social Worker specialized in training and coaching (B.A.)

Qualified Coach/Supervisor

Industrial Organizational Psychology (M.A., currently in training)

Additional Training

Vocal training (Effective use of voice focusing on dynamics, capacity and breathing technique)

System Theory training

Mindfulness-Training with its focus on the implementation in trainings

Numerous trainings to specialize in the field of coaching (e.g. nonviolent communication, gamification of learning)

Business English Course

photo showing Daniel Mackenbrock


Logo referring to University of Cologne as a customerUniversity of Cologne - GATEWAY Gründungsservice, Germany:
Business-Workshop "Right up my alley! - Start a freelancing business based on your unique personality" »»» check out the follow-up report

Logo referring to HAN as a customerHAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands:
Business Communication trainer and teacher in the degree program “Social Work” (Topics like leadership, moderation, team development, intercultural communication)

Logo referring to HAN as a customerHAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands:
Process oriented coaching of students

Logo referring to KVB as a customerKölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG (Public Transportation Company), Germany:
Executive Development Trainings (customer- and goaloriented communication, resilience and mindfulness, peer consulting)

Logo referring to Engagement Global as a customerKonkreter Friedensdienst, Germany:
Self-awereness-trainings for returnees of intercultural projects

Logo referring to HSRW as a customerRhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany:
Communication trainer and teacher in the degree program “Gender and Diversity”, Courses “Mentoring” and “Introduction to Scientific Skills”

Logo referring to HSRW as a customerRhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany:
Workshops for students to impart interdisciplinary key qualifications (Topics like Strength & Weakness – Analysis, Strategies to deal with exam nerves, Self-Management)

Logo referring to HSRW as a customerRhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany:
Concept-Development and Implementation of a coaching program for students struggling with both academic and social challenges

Logo referring to Lebenshilfe as a customerLebenshilfe gGmbH – Leben und Wohnen, Germany:
Counseling for inpatient facilities for the handicapped

Chemistry Check

A check list can never be a substitute for the personal exchange of expectations. There are certain criteria however where my trainings and coachings are grounded in.
Do the following statements match your mind-set?

  • I want to combine work and passion.
  • I want to develop or discover a business idea through which I can express my own personality and innovative thoughts.
  • I want to be able to enjoy the process of learning and I am open-minded about humorous and ironical inputs.
  • I want to inspire and move people through my business idea.
  • I am looking for an experienced trainer and coach that will guide me individually rather than relying on a “one-size-fits-all-approach”.
  • I not only make the trainer/coach responsible for my learning process but also myself.
  • In settings that feel safe to me I am willing to talk about my feelings.

I asked some of my former clients to characterize themselves.
Can you spot common characteristics?

Personal characteristics my former clients used to describe themselves:

Values and norms, that were important to my former customers:

checkmark showing qualities of my clients
checkmark showing values of my clients

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Daniel Mackenbrock

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